Chen-Chao Tao Supervisor/Professor

Ext. 31540
  1. Comprehensively manage the affairs of the Research Ethics Center for Human Subject Protection.
  2. Regularly convene meetings at the Research Ethics Center for Human Subject Protection to discuss and carry out various tasks assigned by institutional review boards.
  3. Assist with and supervise the administrative work of the Research Ethics Center for Human Subject Protection.

Wen-Yi Li Administration Officer

Ext. 66377
  1. Project management: monitor and manage human research projects, which involves follow-ups of on-campus reviews (including extensions, amendments, and case closures) and subsequent management of entrusted off-campus reviews.
  2. Activity planning: organise on-campus education training and announce information on off-campus education training.
  3. Consulting services: assist teachers in applying for reviews of their research projects by the institutional review board of each medical institution, clarify government regulations on human research, and handle subject complaints.
  4. Others: oversee member appointment, working hour management, budget control and write-offs, and Ministry of Education audits.

Wei-Tzu Lo Administration Officer

Ext. 66378
  1. Project management: applications for human research project reviews (new applications) and off-campus reviews (including follow-up management).
  2. Event planning: organisation of various meetings.
  3. Consulting services: ethics consultations for researchers.
  4. Others: revisions of standard operating procedures (SOPs), revisions of school regulations, write-offs of funds, and other duties as assigned.

Yu-Ting Lai Administration Officer

Ext. 53270
  1. Project management: research for case applications; submissions for reviews; continual review, ratification, and amendment as well as reports of severe adverse reactions; tracking, inspection, visits, management of midterm and end-of-term reports, and formulation of SOPs for ongoing research.
  2. Event planning: collection of relevant important cases; planning and hosting of relevant activities (e.g., education and training, seminars, and forums); website maintenance; and formulation of relevant SOPs.
  3. Consulting services: business consultations, acceptances of appeals, legal consultations regarding ethics in research on human bodies and behaviours, communication and coordination of meetings between agencies, and formulation of relevant SOPs.