National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Institutional Review Board Standard Fee Schedule (since November 15, 2022)

Case type applicants from NYCU non-NYCU applicants
Exemption from IRB review NT$2,000
(NT$600 after deduction)
Expedited Review NT$5,000
(NT$1,500 after deduction)
Full-board review NT$5,000 NT$18,000
Review of amendments NT$1,000
(NT$500 after deduction)
Free of charge for the first amendment per case

Note: Self-funded research, except for general review cases, that has not received sponsorship from any institution or firm and has been approved by the Director of Research Ethics Center for Human Subject Protection with a countersigned official document may receive a review fee deduction. Institutional review boards may refuse to accept new applications from individuals who have failed to pay the review fee without a reasonable explanation.